On This Day: April 13th

On the 13th of April the Holy Roman Empire crowned a new emperor, it was Henry V. He was the last emperor of the Salian (Frankish) Dynasty. He remained as Holy Roman Emperor until 1125, upon his death he was replaced by Lothair III of the Supplinburg Dynasty. His emperorship was during the final phase of the Investiture Controversy which had the emperor and the pope against each other and culminated in the Concordat of Worms.

Henry V was born in Saxony to Henry IV the Holy Roman Emperor and Bertha of Savoy. He was crowned King of Italy in 1098 and King of Germany 1099. Henry was married to Matilda of England who was an eventual claimant to the English crown. Henry upon his death from cancer in 1825 had no child or legitimate heir, this led to the end of his family dynasty and hold on emperorship.



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