On This Day: April 14th


On the 14th of April in the year 193 AD Septimius Severus was proclaimed emperor of Rome. Severus was proclaimed as the emperor during a turbulent period in Roman history. First Emperor Commodus was assassinated, Pertinax was then acclaimed emperor before being killed by the Praetorian Guard in early 193.Severus was then proclaimed as emperor by his loyal legion XIV Gemina in Carnuntum which is modern-day Austria, other legions such as X Gemina soon followed suit. Severus was amassing an army that was set to head to Rome. In Rome Pertinax’s successor as emperor was Didius Julianus who bought the emperorship by auction. Severus officially became the emperor after Julianus was condemned to death by the Senate and killed. Severus took Rome without opposition, he executed the murderers of Pertinax and dismissed the Praetorian Guard replacing them with his own loyal soldiers. This was the start of the Severan dynasty.

Septimius Severus was emperor until 211 when he died, he died of a fatal illness. During his reign he was co-emperor with his son Caracalla from 198-209, his other son Geta also joined the co-emperorship with Caracalla and their father Septimius. He was replaced by his children Caricalla and Greta who were briefly joint emperors, Caricalla eventually killed his brother Greta to become sole emperor which lasted until 217.


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