On This Day: April 16th


April 16th in the year 1894 a football team that has become a modern giant in the English game were recreated. Manchester City FC were born that day, they were reformed from Ardwick AFC. Ardwick had recent success with winning the Manchester Cup 1-0 over Newton Heath who became future rivals Manchester United (The team I support!). Ardwick AFC were also founder members of the Football League’s Second Division.

Manchester City grew at a rapid pace from the reformation to 1898, they had the original ‘Welsh Wizard’ Billy Meredith from Northwich Victoria, Meredith gained his first international cap whilst at Manchester City in 1895. In 1899 Manchester City were promoted to the First Division and won their first major honour in 1904 with the first of five FA Cup wins, one of England’s most prestigious trophies. Manchester went onto further success winning their first First Division title in 1936/37, they have since won a further three more.

Currently Manchester City are having a period of increased success, primarily due to large financial investments from the Middle East. They have challenged the dominance of Manchester United especially in the wake of Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement but have yet to see any success in Europe despite the massive financial outlay. They have however won two Premier League/First Division titles, one FA Cup and two League Cups.


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