On This Day: April 17th

A piece of recent history here, in 2014 NASA made a public announcement of the discovery of a planet with a similar radius to Earths that was also in the habitable zone of another star. The planet is known as Kepler-186f, it is an exoplanet that orbits the red dwarf Kepler-186. It was detected by NASA’s Kepler spacecraft, it was discovered along with four other planets all larger than Earth. The issue with the planet is that it is so far away that current technology can’t examine or explore this new planet that could be another Earth, the planet is about 490 light years away. The most important element of this discovery is that there are other planets like Earth within habitable zones, this means there could be other advanced life forms on these planets. It’s one for the future really but this discovery could be a large step forward for mankind’s exploration of the universe.


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