On This Day: April 18th

On the 18th of April in the year 1930 a quite historic moment occurred, and it was courtesy of the BBC. For the only time thus far in history there was no news. At what should have been the 6:30pm news bulletin the BBC announced,  “There is no news today”, piano music then followed rather than the usual current affairs update. After a few minutes the regular scheduling resumed.

This story does have a slight back story aswell, the government had begun interfering more in the news bulletins produced by the way of official announcements. The government at this time in 1930 wanted to deny a newspaper account of an interview with the home secretary, they knew no newspapers would be published over Easter so they contacted the BBC to include the denial. With the flood of news via official announcements and other news the next 24 hours heralded a strange event, the bulletin without any news at all. This is still the only time and would more than likely, in today’s news heavy world with so many media outlets, happen again.


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