On This Day: April 25th


On the 25th of April in 404 BC the 27 year Peloponnesian War came to an end. The war was fought between the Athenian Empire and Sparta and its Peloponnesian League, other notable participants in the war were Thebes and Persia. The war ended after Lysander led the Persian funded Spartan navy to victory against the long-standing powerful Athenian navy. Athens had long been cut off on land by Spartan blockading them from their own grain, Athens still had great import ability from the Aegean and their overwhelmingly powerful navy meant the war would drag on, part of the reason it lasted 27 years. When Lysander could rally the funded and now powerful Spartan navy against Athens the war was heading to its finale, after the Battle of Aegospotami the Athenian navy was nearly annihilated which allowed Sparta to start blockading Athenian imports. Facing a very real starvation and potential for their own extinction Athens surrendered to the efficient Spartans which ended the war between the two superpowers.



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