On This Day: April 29th


On the 29th of April in 1916 the Easter Rising in Ireland came to an end, the insurrection lasted six days before the Irish rebels surrendered in Dublin. The rebellion was organised by the Irish Republican Brotherhood and began on Easter Monday. Members of the Irish Volunteers, the Irish Citizen Army and the women’s Cumann na mBan took part in the rebellion, the British response was to send in thousands of reinforcements from the British Army to suppress the uprising. The British Army who were better equipped and larger suppressed the Irish rebels and the Irish Volunteers leader Patrick Pearse surrendered in Dublin on the 29th.

The outcome after the surrender was the country remaining in a state of martial law, with thousands of rebels taken prisoner by the British. Most of the leaders of the uprising were executed include Pearse who was executed by firing squad on the 3rd of May. The long-lasting outcomes were the increased Irish support for independence and the question of Irish independence was brought to the forefront of British affairs, this included a Sinn Fein landslide victory in the 1918 elections and the Irish War of Independence.


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