On This Day: May 3rd


On the 3rd of May in the year 752 Mayan king Yaxun B’alam IV, also known as Bird Jaguar IV, assumes the throne. He was from Yaxchilan which is modern day Chiapas in Mexico. The reign of Bird Jaguar IV was seen along with his father’s reign as the strongest period in Yaxchilan’s history. It is also noteworthy that some inscriptions had been rewritten to suit the reign of Bird Jaguar IV.

There was a ten-year gap between the death of his father and the start of his reign which perhaps indicates some form of power struggle, even after taking the throne he had to legitimise his reign, this was done by the creation of a series of steles (monuments) which showed him with his father. He ruled from 752-768 when he died, during his reign he married Lady Great Skull, Lady Wak Tuun of Motul de San José, Lady Wak Jalam Chan Ajaw of Motul de San José, Lady Mut Bahlam of Hix Witz.


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