On This Day: May 7th


On the seventh of May in 1928 the Jinan incident took a vicious turn, this was when Japanese forces killed the Chinese negotiation team in Jinan. The Japanese went on to kill over 2000 Chinese civilians in the following days. The Jinan incident was an armed conflict between the Japanese Army allied with Northern Chinese warlords against the Kuomintang’s southern army in Jinan, the capital of Shandong in 1928 during the Kuomintang’s Northern Expedition. A minor clash occurred outside a Japanese families home which ended with twelve dead Japanese men, some having been castrated. Leaders on both sides looked for peace and negotiations began, General Fukuda, who was Japanese could not allow it though. This was likely down to his honour and for Japanese pride. This led to the killing of the negotiators on May 7th. The Japanese forces pushed back the Chinese and emerged victorious from this conflict/incident, after killing more than 6000 soldiers and civilians.


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  1. Then they went on to kill millions before ww2. A brutal race of people.


  2. Lingyun says:

    I used to live in Jinan, and I was told that a hill near my apartment was man- made over the people the Japanese killed. I’ve had a hard time finding good information about Jinan’s history and was wondering where you got your information. I’m super interested in learning more!


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