On This Day: May 10th


On the 10th of May 1924 J. Edgar Hoover was appointed the 6th Director of the Bureau of Investigation, this was a position he held till 1935 when the organisation changed to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Hoover was made the 1st Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Hoover’s time with the bureau was a time of gang warfare with many notorious criminals such as John Dillinger, who was fatally shot during Hoover’s time as director of the bureau before its rebranding to the FBI. Edgar Hoover stayed as the head of the FBI until his death in 1972 from a heart attack.

However his career wasn’t all successful particularly in his later years of service,he had run ins with presidents Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy. Both pondered dismissing Hoover, Truman stated that “we want no Gestapo or secret police. The FBI is tending in that direction. They are dabbling in sex-life scandals and plain blackmail. J. Edgar Hoover would give his right eye to take over, and all congressmen and senators are afraid of him”. He was also in charge of the FBI during the assassinations of president John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., both of which the FBI were greatly criticised for their part or supposed part in the assassinations.


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