On This Day: May 27th


On the 27th of May Simeon I the Great died, he was the first Bulgarian to be recognised as emperor. He ruled over the First Bulgarian Empire from 893-927 when he died of heart failure in his palace in Preslav. Simeon’s successful campaigns against the Byzantines, Magyars and Serbs led Bulgaria to its greatest territorial expansion ever, making it the most powerful state in contemporary Eastern Europe. His reign was also a period of unmatched cultural prosperity and enlightenment later deemed the Golden Age of Bulgarian culture.

During Simeon’s rule, Bulgaria spread over a territory between the Aegean, the Adriatic and the Black Sea, and the new Bulgarian capital Preslav was said to rival Constantinople. He only became emperor around halfway through his reign as he had previously been going by the moniker of prince. The Bulgarian Empire declined after the death of their first emperor Simeon, in the next 20-40 years the empire was attacked and even broke apart including part of the empire becoming a Byzantium protectorate.


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