On This Day: May 29th


The 29th of May in 1918 was the date that the Battle of Sardarabad ended, the battle was between Armenia and the Ottoman’s with the Armenian’s being victorious.  The battle is currently seen as not only stopping the Ottoman advance into the rest of Armenia but also preventing the complete destruction of the Armenian nation. Armenia have long been rivals of the Ottoman’s and this battle as part of World War 1 secured Armenia’s future safe from them and also helped lead towards the dismantling of the defeated Ottoman’s. In the words of Christopher J. Walker, had the Armenians lost this battle,

“it is perfectly possible that the word Armenia would have henceforth denoted only an antique geographical term.”

The result was decisive in the favour of the Armenian’s despite the Ottoman numerical advantage, with very few Armenian casualties being recorded. This date as the end of the battle will be remembered in Armenia as one of heroic victory and one that saved Armenia for future generations.


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