On This Day: June 5th


June 5th 1989 was the day during the Tiananmen Square protests that a man, now referred to as ‘Tank Man’, stepped in the path of an advancing column of tanks. The man delayed the tank’s for over an hour. As the lead tank maneuvered to pass by the man, he repeatedly shifted his position in order to obstruct the tank’s attempted path around him. The incident was filmed and shown worldwide. The event occurred the day after protestors had been violently suppressed by Chinese force, known as the Tiananmen Square massacre.

This has become an iconic image in world history from a time of terror in China. The man in the picture is still unknown to this day despite being the centre of such a high profile situation, what happened to the crew of the tank is also unknown. China during this time was a dangerous and militaristic country and with what occurred the day before it would be believable to think the man and even the tank crew were killed in the aftermath.


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