On This Day: June 22nd


On June 22nd 1906 the flag of Sweden was officially adopted. The flag is a Scandinavian cross which is used on the flags of all the Nordic nations, they are; Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and the Faroe Islands. The Scandinavian cross represents Christianity. The Swedish flags colours and layout is believed to have been based on the Swedish coat of arms adopted in the 1440’s which had a gold cross dividing the blue into quarters. The colours blue and yellow have been used as Swedish colours since at least 1275 when they were on King Magnus III’s royal coat of arms.

The flags of Wilmington, Delaware, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States are modelled after the Swedish flag in remembrance of the short-lived colony of New Sweden. The cross is affixed with the seal of the city. The flag of Verona in Italy is inspired by the flag of Sweden. According to a legend, the Argentine football team, Boca Juniors’ flag and colours were inspired by the flag of Sweden.


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