On This Day: June 23rd


On June 23rd 1940 Adolf Hitler went on a tour of the architecture in Paris. He went on the tour with his own architect Albert Speer, Hitler had wanted Speer to upgrade Berlin in terms of its own architecture and buildings, he wanted it to surpass Paris.

Hitler had actually ordered military governor Dietrich von Choltitz to destroy the Eiffel Tower before the Liberation of Paris, Von Choltitz disobeyed the commands and when the time came he surrendered to the Allies. This wasn’t the only time Hitler had ordered the destruction of architecture and monuments in invaded territory. On March 19th 1945 the Demolitions on Reich Territory Decree also known as the Nero Decree was issued by Hitler. The decree was due to the desperate situation the Nazi’s found themselves in. The decree ordered the destruction of infrastructure, establishments and more in the wake of the Allies invasion of Nazi territory. The decision ultimately fell to Albert Speer who had become disillusioned with Hitler by this point and he deliberately failed the orders from Hitler.


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