On This Day: June 29th


On June 29th 1914 KhioniyaGuseva attempted to assassinate Grigori Rasputin, Rasputin was visiting his family inPokrovskoye when Guseva attempted to kill him. He had just received a telegram and left his home to reply to it when he was attacked by Guseva who drove a knife into his abdomen. Guseva purportedly screamed “I have killed the Antichrist!”. Still not dead, Rasputin was chased through the streets by Guseva in order to finish the task. He hit her in the face with a shaft, and a crowd quickly gathered chanting “Let’s kill her!”. She turned herself over to the constable and was placed on trial. After seven weeks, Rasputin recovered, though he remained in pain until his eventual death. Guseva was found insane and placed in an asylum until 1917.

Rasputin was actually assassinated successfully in December 1919 by a group of conspirators, he was shot numerous times including being struck by at least two fatal shots. He was reportedly very difficult to kill regaining his consciousness after the first shooting and according to Vladimir Purishkevich, who finished him off, he moved when believed to be dead prompting the final shots. Purishkevich was not punished for the crime, other conspirators which included Prince Yusupov were also let off lightly for their crime.


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