On This Day: June 30

On 30th of June 1963 the Ciaculli bombing occurred in the outskirts of Palermo, the bomb was intended for mafia boss Salvatore Greco but instead killed seven police and military officers. The Ciaculli bombing marks a key point in a period of terror in Palermo known as the ‘First Mafia War’. Those killed were; Mario Malausa, Silvio Corrao, Calogero Vaccaro, Eugenio Altomare and Mario Farbelli from the Carabinieri, and Pasquale Nuccio and Giorgio Ciacci from the Army. Salvatore Greco was the head of the Sicilian Mafia Commission and the boss of the Ciaculli Mafia family. Mafia boss Pietro Torretta was considered to be the man behind the bomb attack, later testimonies also point the blame to mafia boss Michele Cavataio, the boss of the Acquasanta quarter of Palermo. Cavataio was later shot and killed in a hit set up by other mafia bosses for his part in escalating the mafia war and opposing the Mafia Commission.


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