On This Day: July 9th


On July 9th 660 the Battle of Hwangsanbeol took place between the forces of Silla and Baekje, the battle ended in a decisive Silla victory. The defeat ended the power of Baekje who were one of the three powers on the Korean Peninsula and held the largest swathe of territory. Silla allied with Emperor Gaozong of Tang China and had a force of 50,000 ten times that of the defending Baekje forces.

Modern depictions are that the 5000 Baekje army was defeated by a 50,000 Silla army led by General Kim Yu-shin. There is a Korean comedy/war film about this battle, called Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield, starring Park Joong-hoon and Jung Jin-young. During the Baekje festival held in Buyeo and elsewhere, there was a re-enactment in 2008 of the battle that was done at the park in Nonsan along the river.


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