On This Day: August 3rd


On August 3rd 1795 the Treaty of Greenville was signed at Fort Greenville in Ohio. The treaty came about following negotiations after the Native American loss at the Battle of Fallen Timbers a year earlier. It ended the Northwest Indian War in Ohio Country and limited strategic parcels of land to the north and west. The parties to the treaty were a coalition of Native American tribes, known as the Western Confederacy, and the United States government represented by General Anthony Wayne. The treaty is considered “the beginning of modern Ohio history.”

The treaty established what became known as the Greenville Treaty Line, which was for several years a boundary between Native American territory and lands open to European-American settlers. It also established the “annuity” system, this was yearly grants of federal money and supplies of calico cloth to Native American tribes which institutionalised continuing government influence in tribal affairs, giving outsiders considerable control over Native American life.


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