On This Day: August 6th


On August 6th 1824 the Battle of Junin took place in Peruvian highlands. It was a military engagement between the Royalists and the Pro Independence army. Although in actuality this battle would qualify as little more than a skirmish, this military engagement greatly enhanced the morale of the victorious pro-independence fighters, with a first win in Peru. The retreat of Canterac’s troops after the defeat in Junin was relentless and defections from the Peruvian royalist troops to the patriots increased considerably. Eventually the Viceroy of Peru, Jose de la Serna e Hinojosa, had to step in as commander of the Spanish forces to try to restore morale. Felipe Braun became the “hero of Junin”. Independence from the Kingdom of Spain was consolidated in December 1824, of vial recognition was only given in 1879 however. 


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