On This Day: August 18th


On the 18th of August 1783 a huge fireball meteor is seen across Great Britain as it passes over the east coast. The meteor became known as the 1783 Great Meteor and was an unusually bright bolide,it was observable from the British Isles at a time when such phenomena were not well understood. The meteor was the subject of much discussion in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society and was the subject of a detailed study by Charles Blagden. It has been speculated that the Hambleton Pallasite, a rare type of meteorite found in 2005 in Hambleton, North Yorkshire, may be related to the 1783 Great Meteor, based on the latter’s track, and on weathering on the pallasite’s surface. In support of this, in 2008 the terrestrial age of the Hambleton meteorite was determined to be 225 years.


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